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PBC News & Comment: Tentative Deal Announced in Iran Nuke Talks

Iran deal is called “surprisingly specific” and “comprehensive”, will be target of various saboteurs in the final phase of negotiations….

–in our fresh interview, Iran expert Gareth Porter reveals that Iran made a major concession regarding its Arak facility

–in Kenya, al Shabab kills 70, injures 79 in attack on a university campus

–Inspector General for Afghanistan reports that $45 billion in American funds are “missing”

–Judge rules that CIA can keep secret the “Panetta Review” of torture

–in our Processing Distortion podcast at BoilingFrogsPost, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) talks about his bill to repeal the Patriot Act and FISA amendments of 2008

–NY Times asks “Could another Dem beat Hillary?”

–in our special interview, retired Congressman Barney Frank makes his case for Hillary, while acknowledging her hawkishness

–Sen. Bernie Sanders made his case in San Francisco this week, taking on our tech billionaires

–campaign watchdogs slam prez candidates—3 GOP, 1, Dem—for raising funds without formally announcing, skirting contribution limits

–NJ Dem Sen. Menendez is indicted, as expected

–new study shows soldier suicides not linked to deployments in war zones

–televangelist Robert Schuller dies

–our official film reviewer, Gary Chew on Billy Collins, starring Al Pacino