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PBC News & Comment: Tentative Deal Announced in Iran Nuke Talks

Iran deal is called “surprisingly specific” and “comprehensive”, will be target of various saboteurs in the final phase of negotiations….

--in our fresh interview, Iran expert Gareth Porter reveals that Iran made a major concession regarding its Arak facility

--in Kenya, al Shabab kills 70, injures 79 in attack on a university campus

--Inspector General for Afghanistan reports that $45 billion in American funds are “missing”

--Judge rules that CIA can keep secret the “Panetta Review” of torture

--in our Processing Distortion podcast at BoilingFrogsPost, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) talks about his bill to repeal the Patriot Act and FISA amendments of 2008

--NY Times asks “Could another Dem beat Hillary?”

--in our special interview, retired Congressman Barney Frank makes his case for Hillary, while acknowledging her hawkishness

--Sen. Bernie Sanders made his case in San Francisco this week, taking on our tech billionaires

--campaign watchdogs slam prez candidates—3 GOP, 1, Dem—for raising funds without formally announcing, skirting contribution limits

--NJ Dem Sen. Menendez is indicted, as expected

--new study shows soldier suicides not linked to deployments in war zones

--televangelist Robert Schuller dies

--our official film reviewer, Gary Chew on Billy Collins, starring Al Pacino