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PBC News & Comment: Oil Bomb Train Explodes in North Dakota

Another oil train explosion just days after ObamaCo brags about new rules that keep the routes of oil trains secret….

--in major policy change, Hillary Clinton backs Obama’s executive actions on immigration, calls for path to full citizenship, enabling “amnesty” attacks

--in Israel, Netanyahu struggles to meet today’s deadline to form a government

--in Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning makes strong case for our right to criticize our government without fear of retaliation

--in clear case of retaliation, longtime polygraph critic Doug Williams faces trial next week in bizarre case brought by Border cops against a citizen

--after 3 years, DEA agents are reprimanded for negligence in detention of San Diego college student for 5 days without food or water

--former Gitmo prisoners abandoned in Uruguay escalate complaints

--NY Times exposes turmoil and fear in the newsroom at al Jazeera America

--in strange new tactic, Chinese government orders Uighur Muslims to sell alcohol and tobacco in violation of religious rules

--California AG Kamal Harris, front runner for Sen. Boxer’s seat, as one of her employees is accused of operating Masonic police department

--new reports show more defects in $6 billion Bay Bridge span