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PBC News & Comment: Oil Bomb Train Explodes in North Dakota

Another oil train explosion just days after ObamaCo brags about new rules that keep the routes of oil trains secret….

–in major policy change, Hillary Clinton backs Obama’s executive actions on immigration, calls for path to full citizenship, enabling “amnesty” attacks

–in Israel, Netanyahu struggles to meet today’s deadline to form a government

–in Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning makes strong case for our right to criticize our government without fear of retaliation

–in clear case of retaliation, longtime polygraph critic Doug Williams faces trial next week in bizarre case brought by Border cops against a citizen

–after 3 years, DEA agents are reprimanded for negligence in detention of San Diego college student for 5 days without food or water

–former Gitmo prisoners abandoned in Uruguay escalate complaints

–NY Times exposes turmoil and fear in the newsroom at al Jazeera America

–in strange new tactic, Chinese government orders Uighur Muslims to sell alcohol and tobacco in violation of religious rules

–California AG Kamal Harris, front runner for Sen. Boxer’s seat, as one of her employees is accused of operating Masonic police department

–new reports show more defects in $6 billion Bay Bridge span