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PBC News & Comment: British Navy Whistleblower Sounds Alarm on Trident Nuke Sub Fleet

British Navy whistleblower sends Mayday report on lax security and impending disaster in UK’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet, triggering manhunt….

Read William McNeilly’s alert here

–Gareth Porter’s investigation largely supports the recent report from Sy Hersh on bin Laden raid, but challenges claim of “walk-in” who tipped location

–tweaked by judge who dismissed a FOIA lawsuit, Jason Leopold fires back with major story about CIA internal whistleblower and Panetta review

–also at VICE News, Leopold also breaks a story about Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. emails.

–Chinese professor and 5 others indicted for stealing Silicon Valley secrets

–tech giants and activists send open letter to Obama demanding “no back doors”

SF Chronicle’s Debra J. Saunders is really wrong about surveillance reform

–EU plans to address refugee crisis by cracking down on traffickers

–Christie and Graham sound uber-hawkish themes in flailing efforts toward White House

–San Francisco’s minimum wage of $12.25 is one of the highest in the nation, but a worker needs $79 per hour just to pay rent here