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PBC News & Comment: New TPP Leak Shows Pharma’s Muscle

New Zealand, other partners push US to abandon protections for pharmaceutical giants, according to new documents from “watchdog group” WikiLeaks…

--Public Citizen says the secret deal could prevent Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices in US

--Obama dispatches 450 more troops to Iraq for pointless training, says new approaches to IS fight aren’t new

--State Department spokesman says fighting IS will take at least 3-5 years

--in the multi-sided war in Syria, Hezbollah repels IS attack at Lebanon border

--Secretary of State Kerry shown in hospital photo recovering from bike accident, directs Iran negotiations

--a setback for Israel, as EU requires products made in Israeli settlements on West Bank be labeled

--Baha Hilo, a Palestinian who doesn’t identify with Hamas or Fatah, explains Israel’s “separate but equal” segregation policies in our latest in-depth interview

--Sens. Feinstein and McCain draft new ban on US torture, but so far no “teeth” are apparent

--in sign of our tarnished stature, UN officer on torture pens op-ed about pending extradition of suspect to Mexico

--New Orleans appeals court defies Supremes, upholds most of Texas abortion restrictions that are clearly unconstitutional

--despite court order, Louisiana has not released Albert Woodfox, who spent 40 years in “the hole”

--new study show female veterans commit suicide at 6 times the rate of males

--6 Raging Grannies arrested in Seattle protest of Shell Oil