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PBC News & Comment: Andrew Bacevich Challenges Beltway Groupthink on Islamic State

In excerpt from in-depth interview, Prof. Andrew Bacevich notes US policy in Iraq and Syria defers to Israel and Saudi Arabia….

 –WikiLeaks posts 60,000 documents from Saudi Foreign Ministry, but none show money trail to IS

–in tit-for-tat move, Iranian parliament bans inspectors from military bases, hampering nuke talks just like Congress did

–State Dept. keeps Iran on list of state sponsors of terrorism

–UN report on last year’s war on Gaza shows war crimes by Israel and Hamas

–European Court of Human Rights begins trial of Italy and CIA for abduction of Abu Omar from streets of Milan; excellent report by Jason Leopold is here

–as media convicts Dylann Storm Roof for church murders, Obama and Hillary comment at conference of mayors in San Francisco

–Obama signed “Monsanto Protection Act” last week, shielding the corporation from lawsuits over GMO’s

–enriched by Obamacare profits, Anthem tries to buy its rival Cigna, provoking public spat by rich suits

–my Congressman, Jared Huffman (D-CA) seeks input for “crowd-sourced” water bill for California, a refreshing approach to end our water wars; read about it here

–Pop phenom Taylor Swift confronts Apple over its plan for a royalty-free rollout of Apple Music, and Apple blinks!