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PBC News & Comment: Andrew Bacevich Challenges Beltway Groupthink on Islamic State

In excerpt from in-depth interview, Prof. Andrew Bacevich notes US policy in Iraq and Syria defers to Israel and Saudi Arabia….

 --WikiLeaks posts 60,000 documents from Saudi Foreign Ministry, but none show money trail to IS

--in tit-for-tat move, Iranian parliament bans inspectors from military bases, hampering nuke talks just like Congress did

--State Dept. keeps Iran on list of state sponsors of terrorism

--UN report on last year’s war on Gaza shows war crimes by Israel and Hamas

--European Court of Human Rights begins trial of Italy and CIA for abduction of Abu Omar from streets of Milan; excellent report by Jason Leopold is here

--as media convicts Dylann Storm Roof for church murders, Obama and Hillary comment at conference of mayors in San Francisco

--Obama signed “Monsanto Protection Act” last week, shielding the corporation from lawsuits over GMO’s

--enriched by Obamacare profits, Anthem tries to buy its rival Cigna, provoking public spat by rich suits

--my Congressman, Jared Huffman (D-CA) seeks input for “crowd-sourced” water bill for California, a refreshing approach to end our water wars; read about it here

--Pop phenom Taylor Swift confronts Apple over its plan for a royalty-free rollout of Apple Music, and Apple blinks!