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PBC News & Comment: Republicans and Some Democrats Prepare to Nuke the Nuke Deal with Iran

–Arduous negotiations, complicated by American maneuvering, lead to agreement between Iran and 6 nations; Congress will try to gut it….

–members of Congress react predictably, with the same AIPAC talking points they’ve been using: “the deal puts Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon”

–Netanyahu sputters and spins, showing he wants war with Iran

–Congress will interfere in this peace deal, as it refuses to live up to its role in defining war power in Syria, Iraq and beyond

–court in Tehran holds 3rd session for American reporter Jason Rezaian…will he be released as part of nuke deal charm offensive?

–following exposure of “collusion” with Pentagon, 3 more top officials resign or retire from American Psychological Assn

–ACLU asks federal court to actually end NSA’s bulk collection of phone data

–mentally ill man in Massachusetts, son of Boston police captain, is busted for “domestic terrorism”, has the usual paid FBI informant

–New York City settles with Eric Garner’s family, paying $6 million without a lawsuit

–in major change, Pentagon says transgender people can serve openly…will Chelsea Manning get the treatments she deserves?