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PBC News & Comment: Republicans and Some Democrats Prepare to Nuke the Nuke Deal with Iran

--Arduous negotiations, complicated by American maneuvering, lead to agreement between Iran and 6 nations; Congress will try to gut it….

--members of Congress react predictably, with the same AIPAC talking points they’ve been using: “the deal puts Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon”

--Netanyahu sputters and spins, showing he wants war with Iran

--Congress will interfere in this peace deal, as it refuses to live up to its role in defining war power in Syria, Iraq and beyond

--court in Tehran holds 3rd session for American reporter Jason Rezaian…will he be released as part of nuke deal charm offensive?

--following exposure of “collusion” with Pentagon, 3 more top officials resign or retire from American Psychological Assn

--ACLU asks federal court to actually end NSA’s bulk collection of phone data

--mentally ill man in Massachusetts, son of Boston police captain, is busted for "domestic terrorism", has the usual paid FBI informant

--New York City settles with Eric Garner’s family, paying $6 million without a lawsuit

--in major change, Pentagon says transgender people can serve openly…will Chelsea Manning get the treatments she deserves?