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PBC News & Comment: 70 Years Ago Today, We Nuked Hiroshima

As the only nation that’s ever used nuclear bombs, we have no moral standing to preach “no nukes” to Iran….

–Joe Lauria has a touching story about Shinji Mikamo’s watch, mangled by the Hiroshima bomb and stolen from history exhibit at UN

–Obama’s speech at American University correctly links GOP opponents of Iran deal to the hardliners in Iran who are against it

–Greenwald has good analysis here

–Obama’s “moderate” Syrian fighters, trained at $4 million per man, announce that they won’t fight against al Nusra

–IS attack kills 15 at Saudi mosque; IS now controls town in central Syria

–unusual for August, millions will watch TV tonight for GOP beauty pageant and Jon Stewart’s last show; Barbara Boxer is asking which one will make most outrageous statement, Alan Colmes offers “GOP Bingo” here

–Democrats announce schedule of only 6 debates, O’Malley team complains that it’s a path to coronation for Hillary

–whistleblower and former CIA officer John Kiriakou talks about his experience in prison, and his ideas for reform in latest Processing Distortion podcast

–NY Times op-ed describes how different prison life is in Germany

–California restores voting rights to thousands of ex-felons

–conservative appeals court rejects Texas law requiring photo ID to vote

–update on Mumia Abu-Jamal, now diagnosed with Hepatitis C, his new book is Writing on the Wall