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PBC News & Comment: Planned Parenthood and Abortion Rights Are Under Siege, and the Right is Winning

Coordinated assault on reproductive rights leads Utah, Arkansas to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, reframe abortion debate in extreme way…..

–the other big attempted DC takedown is aimed at the Iran deal; in op-ed, Todd Gitlin and Stephen Cohen report that 63% of Jews polled support it

–at NY Times, John Harwood notes that partisanship is likely to prevent Congress from blocking the deal

NY Times expose of Amazon’s Spartan work environment draws criticism, but fails to ask if Jeff Bezos is treating Washington Post employees like Amazon’s

–in Iowa, Hillary laughed off email scandal as “politics” while DOJ count of classified emails climbs over 300

–in The Guardian, columnist Mary Dejevsky says she’s a Hillary fan, calls on Clinton to “bow out with grace”

–US lodges protest with China over its covert agents in US who target suspects of corruption in China

–China arrests 15,000 people for internet violations

–New Zealand protesters fight against TPP and secret negotiations

–Sen. Sherrod Brown is blocking Obama’s nomination of trade rep over TPP secrecy

–IS propaganda video calls for revolt in Turkey, overthrow of Erdogan

–Pentagon announces plan to expand drone use by 50%, outsource recon to contractors

–cancer-stricken Jimmy Carter draws much love, but the claim that “he never fired a shot” deserves a response

–Julian Bond, civil rights leader and founder of Southern Poverty Law Center, dies at age 75