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PBC News & Comment: Spooks and Crooks Operating Underwater!

Drug smugglers on Pacific use crude submarine and scuba divers, as Hamas reports capture of Israeli dolphin with spy gear, weapon…

--Israel ends detention of hunger striking Palestinian Mohammed Allan

--former presidential candidate and Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson sues Bush, Cheney and pals for spying during 2002 Winter Olympics

--in Boston, two brothers say Trump’s immigrant bashing inspired them to beat a Latino man

--snarky op-ed in NY Times compares Trump’s proposed wall on Mexican border to Korea’s demilitarized zone

--former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley talks tech in San Francisco after Las Vegas stop where he supported unionization of Trump hotel

--Germany approves Greek austerity deal, as Prime Minister Tsipras resigns to call new elections in September

--German firm buys control of all the major airports in Greece for $1.3 billion

--wildfires continue in the West, 3 firefighters killed in Washington

--new study shows California drought is intensified by climate change

--in special session, California legislature considers tax increases to pay for road and infrastructure repair

--former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle gets off easy in child abuse/porn plea bargain

--makers of “female Viagra” cash in just days after FDA approval

--our Canadian listener, Martin the pharmacologist, says there is a better drug that promotes female arousal