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PBC News & Comment: Spooks and Crooks Operating Underwater!

Drug smugglers on Pacific use crude submarine and scuba divers, as Hamas reports capture of Israeli dolphin with spy gear, weapon…

–Israel ends detention of hunger striking Palestinian Mohammed Allan

–former presidential candidate and Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson sues Bush, Cheney and pals for spying during 2002 Winter Olympics

–in Boston, two brothers say Trump’s immigrant bashing inspired them to beat a Latino man

–snarky op-ed in NY Times compares Trump’s proposed wall on Mexican border to Korea’s demilitarized zone

–former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley talks tech in San Francisco after Las Vegas stop where he supported unionization of Trump hotel

–Germany approves Greek austerity deal, as Prime Minister Tsipras resigns to call new elections in September

–German firm buys control of all the major airports in Greece for $1.3 billion

–wildfires continue in the West, 3 firefighters killed in Washington

–new study shows California drought is intensified by climate change

–in special session, California legislature considers tax increases to pay for road and infrastructure repair

–former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle gets off easy in child abuse/porn plea bargain

–makers of “female Viagra” cash in just days after FDA approval

–our Canadian listener, Martin the pharmacologist, says there is a better drug that promotes female arousal