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Rocky Anderson Sues NSA, Bush & Cheney Over 2002 “Surveillance Cone” at Olympics

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Rocky Anderson, former presidential candidate and mayor of Salt Lake City, has filed a class action suit over massive surveillance of the region during Winter Games in 2002.Anderson, a progressive activist who led the Justice Party presidential ticket in 2012, has sued the National Security Agency plus George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the unlawful and unconstitutional surveillance of every person in the Salt Lake City area–and all the people they communicated with–during the Olympics.

Anderson explains how these actions clearly violate the Fourth Amendment, lacking probable cause and a warrant.  He reports that no national media have shown interest in this case, including the NY Times, despite his contention that the FBI and NSA joined together to scoop up every email, text message, phone call and metadata: “immense, indiscriminate surveillance of a geographic area without suspicion or a warrant”.

He also comments on the new suit brought by NSA whistleblowers, charging that NSA and FBI retaliated against them for whistleblowing, and falsely accused them of leaking to the NY Times.

And he comments on the 2016 presidential field, which he is unlikely to join.