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PBC News & Comment: Most Americans Yawn, Say “Whatever” As Obama Extends the Endless Afghan War

Peaceniks and NY Times editorial raise objections, but political leaders of both parties are silent on Obama’s latest Afghanistan plan….

–David Swanson leads petition drive rejecting Obama’s plan, NY Times says it’s “foolish” to think US troops will turn the war around, Obama “downright dishonest”

–Gareth Porter argues that US could end Saudi war crimes in Yemen by invoking US laws about military supplies

–as some Palestinians call today a Day of Rage, arsonists attack Joseph’s Tomb in West Bank, Netanyahu slams Abbas for inaccurate claim about Palestinian boy being killed, while other Palestinian teens and children have been shot dead

–Max Blumenthal gave an excellent in-depth interview on the current conflict between Israel and Palestine, and his book on the 2014 assault on Gaza, The 51 Day War; in this excerpt he talks about the recent incident involving the 13-year-old Palestinian boy

–Obama’s comments on 60 Minutes about Hillary’s email problems have angered investigators, suggesting he’s trying to influence their work

–as Dems argue over who won the first debate, polls show Sanders gaining, and online surveys show big gap between pundits and public

–listener Mike Lamb corrects my comment on TPP—public may not see the details for as long as 4 years

–Guardian reports that US is deporting Central American migrants, 83 of whom have been killed

–ACLU study shows Border Patrol agents are abusive, act with impunity

–NY Times op-ed says we are paying Mexico to keep migrants from our border

–in drought stricken California, El Niño dreams are offset by fears of flash floods, like the one in southern California yesterday