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PBC News & Comment: Trump Blurts Out a Bit of 9/11 Truth

In far-fetched claim that his immigration policies would’ve stopped 9/11, Trump notes it happened on Bush’s watch, sparking blame-game……

–from Hillary’s emails, London’s Daily Mail finds Colin Powell memo showing Blair pledged full support for Iraq war, even as he was publicly talking about diplomacy

–CIA torture queen Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, whose secret identity is not secret, is subject of criminal complaint in German court for bungled kidnapping of al Masri

NY Times magazine re-explores the bin Laden raid, acknowledging that Hersh’s version is probably more accurate than the Obama/Zero Dark Thirty version

–CBS is refusing to run ads for new movie, Truth, which recounts 2004 Dan Rather report about Bush’s National Guard service, here is excerpt from our interview with producer/writer/director James Vanderbilt

–Trey Gowdy smacks Dems and Reps in advance of Hillary’s appearance at Benghazi hearing on Thursday

–in Sunday NY Times, an attempt to provide context on occupied East Jerusalem, adjacent to one-sided report on latest incidents

–in full page ad in NY Times, pro-Israel group hammers recent coverage

–in bus station attack in southern Israel, angry mob turns on innocent man

–in graphic-rich, dumbed-down analysis, NY Times presents Syrian wars in sanitized, oversimplified narrative

–US claims scalp of another leader of mythical Khorosan Group

–Iran marks nuclear deal and sanctions relief with missile test

–in new report on Fukushima, researchers say that reactor #2 had 100% core meltdown; Japan and US have downplayed or ignored serious impacts

–will Canadian voters give conservative Harper the boot?