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PBC News & Comment: Trump Blurts Out a Bit of 9/11 Truth

In far-fetched claim that his immigration policies would’ve stopped 9/11, Trump notes it happened on Bush’s watch, sparking blame-game……

--from Hillary’s emails, London’s Daily Mail finds Colin Powell memo showing Blair pledged full support for Iraq war, even as he was publicly talking about diplomacy

--CIA torture queen Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, whose secret identity is not secret, is subject of criminal complaint in German court for bungled kidnapping of al Masri

--NY Times magazine re-explores the bin Laden raid, acknowledging that Hersh’s version is probably more accurate than the Obama/Zero Dark Thirty version

--CBS is refusing to run ads for new movie, Truth, which recounts 2004 Dan Rather report about Bush’s National Guard service, here is excerpt from our interview with producer/writer/director James Vanderbilt

--Trey Gowdy smacks Dems and Reps in advance of Hillary’s appearance at Benghazi hearing on Thursday

--in Sunday NY Times, an attempt to provide context on occupied East Jerusalem, adjacent to one-sided report on latest incidents

--in full page ad in NY Times, pro-Israel group hammers recent coverage

--in bus station attack in southern Israel, angry mob turns on innocent man

--in graphic-rich, dumbed-down analysis, NY Times presents Syrian wars in sanitized, oversimplified narrative

--US claims scalp of another leader of mythical Khorosan Group

--Iran marks nuclear deal and sanctions relief with missile test

--in new report on Fukushima, researchers say that reactor #2 had 100% core meltdown; Japan and US have downplayed or ignored serious impacts

--will Canadian voters give conservative Harper the boot?