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PBC News & Comment: IRS Joins The Domestic Surveillance Party

IRS is latest federal agency revealed to be using Stingray dragnet surveillance system that simulates cellphone tower, captures all signals….The Guardian has the story

--Tony Blair apologizes his role in Iraq war, admits it led to rise of IS

--at VICE, Jason Leopold reveals more of the 2002 intelligence report that was twisted by BushCo to justify the invasion of Iraq

--John Kerry met with Netanyahu and Abbas, says they agreed to stop “incitement” but Bibi may try to revoke rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

--unconfirmed report says “moderate” Syrians backed by US have beheaded capture Syrian soldiers

--Pentagon sounds alarm, says Russian spy ships and subs are hovering near critical undersea cables that connect internet and military communications

--in Iowa, Bernie Sanders makes strongest contrasts with Clinton to date

--echoing FBI Director, Chris Christie says Black Lives Matter is calling for murder of the police, slams Obama in racist pitch

--Christie is bounced from Amtrak “quiet car” on return from DC media appearance

--GOP former prez wannabe Scott Walker signs bill to repeal Wisconsin’s “John Doe” law used to convict 6 of his corrupt aides and allies

--FBI snitches get prison sentences shortened

--Obama’s early release of 6,000 federal prisoners is underway and 2,000 of them will be deported

--NY Times Public Editor asks why the paper has barely mentioned The Intercept’s blockbuster expose of Obama’s use of drones and targeted killing