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PBC News & Comment: IRS Joins The Domestic Surveillance Party

IRS is latest federal agency revealed to be using Stingray dragnet surveillance system that simulates cellphone tower, captures all signals….The Guardian has the story

–Tony Blair apologizes his role in Iraq war, admits it led to rise of IS

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reveals more of the 2002 intelligence report that was twisted by BushCo to justify the invasion of Iraq

–John Kerry met with Netanyahu and Abbas, says they agreed to stop “incitement” but Bibi may try to revoke rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

–unconfirmed report says “moderate” Syrians backed by US have beheaded capture Syrian soldiers

–Pentagon sounds alarm, says Russian spy ships and subs are hovering near critical undersea cables that connect internet and military communications

–in Iowa, Bernie Sanders makes strongest contrasts with Clinton to date

–echoing FBI Director, Chris Christie says Black Lives Matter is calling for murder of the police, slams Obama in racist pitch

–Christie is bounced from Amtrak “quiet car” on return from DC media appearance

–GOP former prez wannabe Scott Walker signs bill to repeal Wisconsin’s “John Doe” law used to convict 6 of his corrupt aides and allies

–FBI snitches get prison sentences shortened

–Obama’s early release of 6,000 federal prisoners is underway and 2,000 of them will be deported

NY Times Public Editor asks why the paper has barely mentioned The Intercept’s blockbuster expose of Obama’s use of drones and targeted killing