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PBC News & Comment: 8 Supreme Court Justices Embrace “Shoot First, Think Later”

Sonia Sotomayor is lone justice who voted against immunity for trigger-happy cop in Texas who ignored order, shot fleeing suspect…..–in Louisiana, 2 cops are charged with second-degree murder after firing at unarmed suspect and killing his 6-year-old son

–after New Orleans Appeals Court blocks Obama’s executive action on immigration, White House announces appeal to Supreme Court

–hours before Netanyahu-Obama meeting at White House, Israel announced approval of 2,200 new housing units in the occupied West Bank

–Obama appears eager to increase US military aid to Israel from $3 billion to a reported $5 billion

–Palestinian woman calls out Hillary Clinton in open letter

–Secretary of State Kerry will resume talks about Syrian war in Vienna this weekend, as US clings to fantasy it can force Assad out

–Egyptian activist and journalist Hossam Bahgat was arrested Sunday, then released on Tuesday after international protests; but the US was silent

–EU report slams Turkey for lack of press freedom, and jailing journalists

–federal judge Richard Leon says NSA phone records collection “likely violates the Constitution”, issues injunction for named plaintiffs

–election protection gurus Fitrakis and Wasserman raise questions about vote flipping in Ohio marijuana referendum

–VICE posts headline of the day “That Plan to Dump a Massive Amount of Shit Into the St. Lawrence River is Back On”

–heart attack in Madrid fells Allan Toussaint, New Orleans music legend, we close with “Southern Nights”