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Music & Chat: Roy Zimmerman Live at the Secret Studio!

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Talented singer-songwriter Roy Zimmerman dropped by to share some of his new songs, laced with political satire.Zimmerman is a wandering minstrel who’s hitting the road again this presidential year–he did 48 states in 2008, and 49 in 2012.  With his wife Melanie, he keeps cranking out great songs that make you laugh about the tragic mess we find ourselves in.

We chat about President Obama’s recent moves on gun regulations, and Roy sings Victims of This Tragedy.

Indulging your humble host, Zimmerman played a few verses of Do The Clinton, which he recorded with The Foremen in the 1990’s.

We chat about the power of music to drive social progress, and he plays This Machine, an homage to Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

We chat about the GOP “debates” and the Trump thing and play the recorded version of Donald McRonald, the Face of the New GOP.  Get the full effect by watching the video.

We chat about Obamacare and the efforts to kill it, and Zimmerman sings Oh No, Obamacare is Working!

Keep up with Roy Zimmerman’s touring schedule, and buy some stuff, here!

Tech notes: this was live mixed in mono, and gets a little crispy in the loud parts. For maximum listening pleasure, the MP3 file was encoded at 128.