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PBC News & Comment: Sean Penn Goes Gonzo, Scoops Global Media with El Chapo Interview

We honor David Bowie’s death with “Criminal World”, perfect intro for Sean Penn’s undercover exploits interviewing fugitive drug lord…–Penn’s efforts may have helped Mexican and US authorities to track Guzman, who was captured on Friday; the 10,000-word report is here

–in new podcast with Sibel Edmonds and Pepe Ecobar, we announce the plans to launch new, independent news service called Newsbud

–music and art fans mourn the death of David Bowie

–after last weeks meeting with spooks in Silicon Valley, Obama shifts digital war on IS from State Dept. to Homeland Security

–cyber activists from 42 countries sign open letter in opposition to “back doors”

–Guantanamo prison was opened 14 years ago today; from London to Washington, former prisoners and activists are demanding its closure

–one of Gitmo’s first prisoners is released as al Shumrani is sent home to Saudi Arabia

The Guardian reports that rules of Gitmo’s Periodic Review Board are abused to delay decisions on releases

–Shaker Aamer leads protest with other former prisoners at US embassy in London

–Mideast expert and former US diplomat Fuad Suleiman offers detailed answer to the question, “what does ISIL want?”

–in “Shrimp Boy” case brought by FBI sting operation, jury returns all-guilty verdict

–conservative columnist Debra J. Saunders finds the verdict is “an indictment of feds”

–NFL racketeers ramp up extortion of Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego over possible franchise moves

–singer/songwriter Roy Zimmerman dropped by the secret studio last week, and performed some of his fresh political satire tunes, here’s an excerpt