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PBC News & Comment: Gitmo Prisoner Balks at Release, Stays in Cuba

Yemeni prisoner Bwazir declines to be relocated to a country where he has no family or connections, highlighting a major problem….–many former Guantanamo prisoners have been dumped in countries where they are left to fend for themselves

–in his latest FOIA-based report, Jason Leopold of Vice News exposes command-level emails that reflect attitudes of commanders dealing with hunger strikers

–this Sunday, Haiti will hold a bizarre presidential runoff election with only one candidate, Jovenel Moise, who’s accused of corruption in banana plantation deal

–our own bizarre presidential primaries are nearing, new poll shows Sanders ahead by 27 points in New Hampshire

–Clintons and their surrogates attack Sanders from many angles, like this captive blog, Blue Nation Review  and orchestrated Twitter attacks on Sanders’ remark about running against the establishment

–reading Sarah Palin’s quotes yesterday, your humble host was so cracked up he forgot to mention John Wayne’s endorsement of Trump; Colbert skewers Palin

–Sarah defends Track Palin’s fresh arrest for domestic violence, blames Obama

–at Kent State U, tenured professor Julio Pino is investigated by FBI for alleged ties to Islamic State

–in Geneva, John Kerry says UN-brokered Syria peace talks are delayed

–British inquest concludes that Putin “probably approved” of polonium poisoning of former KGB agent and Putin critic Litvinenko in Britain in 2006

–newly-discovered CIA file suggests the agency might inject radioactive matter into the bodies of agents to prevent defections; thanks to listener Carl Howard for the news tip!