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PBC News & Comment: Trump Detonates Truthful Stink-bomb at GOP Debate

After calling for obstruction of Scalia’s replacement, Trump lowers the boom on Bush brothers, blaming W for 9/11, Iraq lies….--Trump joins Alex Jones and others questioning the circumstances of the death of Justice Scalia

--GOP in lockstep to prevent confirmation of an Obama nominee, exploiting Sen. Schumer’s hypocrisy for blocking Bush court nominees and bragging about it

--Clinton campaign launches countless salvos against Sanders, latest is “he’s a single-issue candidate”; Thomas Frank ends hibernation, in this Guardian op-ed

--as Americans are distracted by election year antics, Mideast wars continue, civilians and refugees are dying; Turkey says ground troops needed in Syria

--international peace group warns that new assaults on Libya would be counter-productive

--on 60 Minutes, CIA boss Brennan blames Paris attacks on encryption

--flimsy charges of “impeding federal officers” are filed against 25 Oregon protesters, we get details on the end of the standoff from Todd Mcfarlane

--lawyers for whistleblowers face retaliation by bar associations, often years after a case is over; thanks to Carl Howard for sharing this report

--in Palm Springs on Saturday, my friends Edna and Jim played golf at La Quinta, just in front of President Obama and friends