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PBC News & Comment: Trump Detonates Truthful Stink-bomb at GOP Debate

After calling for obstruction of Scalia’s replacement, Trump lowers the boom on Bush brothers, blaming W for 9/11, Iraq lies….–Trump joins Alex Jones and others questioning the circumstances of the death of Justice Scalia

–GOP in lockstep to prevent confirmation of an Obama nominee, exploiting Sen. Schumer’s hypocrisy for blocking Bush court nominees and bragging about it

–Clinton campaign launches countless salvos against Sanders, latest is “he’s a single-issue candidate”; Thomas Frank ends hibernation, in this Guardian op-ed

–as Americans are distracted by election year antics, Mideast wars continue, civilians and refugees are dying; Turkey says ground troops needed in Syria

–international peace group warns that new assaults on Libya would be counter-productive

–on 60 Minutes, CIA boss Brennan blames Paris attacks on encryption

–flimsy charges of “impeding federal officers” are filed against 25 Oregon protesters, we get details on the end of the standoff from Todd Mcfarlane

–lawyers for whistleblowers face retaliation by bar associations, often years after a case is over; thanks to Carl Howard for sharing this report

–in Palm Springs on Saturday, my friends Edna and Jim played golf at La Quinta, just in front of President Obama and friends