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PBC News & Comment: With No Announcement or Debate, Obama Launches New Attacks on Libya

US launches first salvos of new war on Libya, targeting Daesh leader, without debate or Congressional approval, just like Syria….–read the NY Times report here

–deadline for Syrian ceasefire agreement passes, fighting continues as some humanitarian aid is delivered

–when Turkey’s brutalized Kurds fight back, Turk leader Erdogan blames US and complicates the war on IS

–in battle over iPhone security, NY Times provides good background on the evolution of encryption as CEO Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs

–in strong editorial, The Times backs Apple

–in Nevada town hall interviews, Clinton and Sanders duck the question

–Glenn Greenwald notes recent comments from Bill and Hillary Clinton pledging to align more with Israel

–in Kosovo, anti-establishment lawmakers released several cannisters of tear gas in the Parliament chamber

–in Baltimore, all cop trials in Freddy Gray death are put on hold by Maryland’s supreme court

–in Kentucky, state senate passes bill to offer separate marriage licenses to straights and gays, most likely unconstitutional

–in Canada, new Trudeau administration ends appeals in Omar Khadr case, but restrictions remain

–report on young New Yorkers shows that many who sell “survival sex” don’t use condoms all the time, get more money for “bareback” sex

–after testimony from many porn stars, California health panel declines to require condoms, goggles and dental dams on X-rated movie sets