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PBC News & Comment: After 90-Day Blackout, Media Ask About Third Shooter in San Bernardino

Calling for Apple to hack San Bernardino iPhone, father of victim mentions reports of third shooter, dismissed by cops, media….--read the LA Times story here

--ObamaCo is divided over schizoid encryption policy

--federal judge in Philadelphia case rules that there are limits on citizens’ right to videotape police incidents

--new HBO documentary Homegrown reviews the case of American serving 17 years who did not commit terrorism crimes

--Sarah Shourd, who spent over 400 days in solitary in Iran’s Evin prison, shares her ordeal and her new book: Hell is a Very Small Place—Voices From Solitary Confinement

--citizenship applications jump by 14%, some triggered by Trump and want to vote against him

--GOP old line scramble to block Trump with nasty TV ads in Florida

--Dems debated in Flint Sunday night, and Sanders bested Clinton on Ex/Im Bank and fracking

--your humble host was unfriended on Facebook by a Clinton partisan for suggesting that GOP will obstruct her if she is elected

--dating website survey shows 57% of Republican singles have lied to a date about their political affiliation

--NY Times Public Editor says careful review shows that 75% of campaign coverage is about the “horse race”, not substance

--WhoWhatWhy slams the Times for today’s coverage, arguing it stacks the deck against Sanders, Trump

--former Eagles bassist Randy Meisner’s wife dies in suspicious shooting

--Nancy Reagan dies at 94, as her nurse hints that Trump’s below-the-belt debate comments may have hastened her demise