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PBC News & Comment: Russia Starts Withdrawal from Syria

In surprise move, Putin announces withdrawal plan, says Russian objectives achieved as Syria marks 5 years of bloody proxy war…
--tenuous cease-fire holds, as some opposition groups agree to join peace talks
--an American man from Virginia who was fighting with Daesh reportedly defects, and is captured by Kurdish fighters
--US builds new prison for captured terrorists in Iraq, reports
--always generating his own reality, Trump blames Sanders for his unruly mobs that led to cancelled rallies, says his fans are victims
--Trump partisans plan to form militia to provide security for Der Donald
--Roger Cohen compares Trump to Italy’s rich strongman, Berlusconi
--Robert Reich builds case that Trump is fascist
--Frank Bruni comments on Trump’s epic, insatiable neediness
--in front-pager on Sunday, NY Times reports that Obama’s jokes infuriated Trump, triggered his drive to compensate
--Rev. Billy issues “moral advisory” to halt Trump rallies, PBC demurs
--millions marched peacefully yesterday in Brazil demanding ouster of President Dilma Rousseff
--in attempt to stop Trump, Rubio tells Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich
--Hillary Clinton’s praise of Nancy Reagan at the funeral outrages all who remember what really happened in the 80’s regarding AIDS
--Obama sides with FBI on phone encryption, says privacy advocates have “fetish” about security of their phones
--Obama’s fight against encryption expands to target WhatsApp, as its owner Facebook and other tech giants move to enhance encryption
--in our latest in-depth interview, Chip Gibbons of BORDC calls for hearings on infiltration of peaceful First Amendment groups
--keyboard genius Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer is dead at 71