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PBC News & Comment: Clinton Tries to Explain Her Vote for Iraq War

Under intense grilling from Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton says she trusted Bush and he promised $20 billion to rebuild NYC….NY Times report on Monday explores Bill and Hillary’s roles in Haiti since the earthquake, marked by corporatism and cronyism

–an additional source demonstrates that in Massachusetts primary, exit polls showed Sanders winning by 6 points [Theodore Souras at]

–Trump has benefited from massive “free media” coverage, estimated at $400 million in February, $2 billion total so far

–after reporter says she was assaulted by Trump’s campaign manager, “Breitbart News” implodes with internal fights over Trump influence

NY Times editors announce new plan to restrict use of anonymous sources

–as Russian forces withdraw from Syria, Putin scores big and sends a message to Assad, comments Neil MacFarquhar in NY Times

–in strong analysis piece, Joe Lauria raises important questions about the Russian shift

–Yemen’s Houthi rebels swap prisoners with Saudis, signal readiness for peace talks

–advocates for rational drug policies warn that UN conference on drug war will preserve status quo, reject harm reduction

–ObamaCo cancels plans for offshore oil drilling on south east coast

–in the Senate, bipartisan move to kill Pentagon’s costly blimp program

–errors on terrorist watch list creep into lower court cases with no connection to terrorism, reports The Intercept

–in Michigan, suspect in shooting spree says the Uber App made him do it

–new report shows podcast listening has doubled since 2013, please pat yourself on the back for being an early adopter!