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PBC News & Comment: 60 Minutes Provides More Proof of 9/11 Coverup

Covering possible release of 28-page 9/11 document, members of Kean-Hamilton Commission admit they buried key info, and ignored major leads….–framed around Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia next week, CBS features Sen. Bob Graham plus 9/11 commissioners who demand release of 28 pages, and acknowledge sloppy investigation and coverup

–CBS adds some new info to possible connection with future hijackers and Anwar al-Awlaki in San Diego, we quote Scott Shane’s analysis

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria asks why Americans are never told why we are attacked

–Sen. Feinstein is ready to sacrifice the Bill of Rights, again; she is working on bill to require “back doors” as she embraces “magic pony” myth of hackable encryption

–Sanders wins another primary, Clinton gets more delegates, and even Trump calls “foul”, read about it here

–in Sunday lead story, NY Times confirms that both Trump and Sanders have basis for claims that primary processes in both parties are undemocratic, rigged

–Vatican infighting exploited by Clinton campaign to suggest that Sanders initiated his invitation to speak at Vatican this week

–syndicated columnist H.A. Goodman makes a strong case that Sanders will wrestle the nomination from Clinton, who he predicts will face indictment or backlash

–Romanian hacker “Guccifer” was extradited to the US in March; he was first to expose Clinton’s private email server

–Obama says there will be no White House interference in FBI probe of Clinton

–GOP mole at Election Assistance Commission makes “administrative” ruling that promotes photo ID and other voter suppression tactics

–reacting to last week’s Clinton-Sanders spat over qualification, Robert Parry details why Clinton should be disqualified

–CIA Director Brennan, Obama’s drone executioner who tried to undermine Senate torture report, says he won’t waterboard for Trump or Cruz

–Lackland airman in murder-suicide was former FBI agent