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PBC News & Comment: 60 Minutes Provides More Proof of 9/11 Coverup

Covering possible release of 28-page 9/11 document, members of Kean-Hamilton Commission admit they buried key info, and ignored major leads….--framed around Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia next week, CBS features Sen. Bob Graham plus 9/11 commissioners who demand release of 28 pages, and acknowledge sloppy investigation and coverup

--CBS adds some new info to possible connection with future hijackers and Anwar al-Awlaki in San Diego, we quote Scott Shane’s analysis

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria asks why Americans are never told why we are attacked

--Sen. Feinstein is ready to sacrifice the Bill of Rights, again; she is working on bill to require “back doors” as she embraces “magic pony” myth of hackable encryption

--Sanders wins another primary, Clinton gets more delegates, and even Trump calls “foul”, read about it here

--in Sunday lead story, NY Times confirms that both Trump and Sanders have basis for claims that primary processes in both parties are undemocratic, rigged

--Vatican infighting exploited by Clinton campaign to suggest that Sanders initiated his invitation to speak at Vatican this week

--syndicated columnist H.A. Goodman makes a strong case that Sanders will wrestle the nomination from Clinton, who he predicts will face indictment or backlash

--Romanian hacker “Guccifer” was extradited to the US in March; he was first to expose Clinton’s private email server

--Obama says there will be no White House interference in FBI probe of Clinton

--GOP mole at Election Assistance Commission makes “administrative” ruling that promotes photo ID and other voter suppression tactics

--reacting to last week’s Clinton-Sanders spat over qualification, Robert Parry details why Clinton should be disqualified

--CIA Director Brennan, Obama’s drone executioner who tried to undermine Senate torture report, says he won’t waterboard for Trump or Cruz

--Lackland airman in murder-suicide was former FBI agent