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PBC News & Comment: Election Year Mission Creep Alert!

As Obama prepares to visit Saudi Arabia this week, US announces more “advisors” who will support Iraqi and Syrian fighters….--Saudis have accepted 9 Yemeni men released from Guantanamo Saturday

--one of the men, Mohammed al-Hamiri, has written powerful accounts of his 13-year ordeal

--bill to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia draws support from Clinton and Sanders, opposition from Obama, and threats from the Wahabbi dictators

--listener Dick Atlee makes some important points about the “Saudi connection”, here is his report on an Israeli role in 9/11

----Sanders needs another Michigan miracle in NY primary on Tuesday, as most polls show Clinton with 13-point lead

--why did he wait so long? Sanders releases full 2014 tax return that shows he earned less in a year than Clinton was paid for a single Goldman Sachs speech

--protests in San Francisco and LA at “obscene” fundraisers for Clinton starring George Clooney

--in NY Times, Maureen Dowd defines both candidates in Dem primary

--Sunday night in Brasilia, the lower house voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff

--8-member Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Obama’s executive actions on immigration

--as GOP obstructionists struggle to justify their unilateral position on Garland nomination, Sen. Grassley bizarrely blames the Court for the politics of confirmation

--Silicon Valley county considers law to regulate police use of Stingray and other surveillance gadgets

--from Holland, listener George Maschke notes that our privacy isn’t completely gone

--15 years after energy scamming created blackouts in California, federal regulator rules that Shell and another company fleeced the Golden State for $1.1 billion