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PBC News & Comment: Election Year Mission Creep Alert!

As Obama prepares to visit Saudi Arabia this week, US announces more “advisors” who will support Iraqi and Syrian fighters….–Saudis have accepted 9 Yemeni men released from Guantanamo Saturday

–one of the men, Mohammed al-Hamiri, has written powerful accounts of his 13-year ordeal

–bill to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia draws support from Clinton and Sanders, opposition from Obama, and threats from the Wahabbi dictators

–listener Dick Atlee makes some important points about the “Saudi connection”, here is his report on an Israeli role in 9/11

—-Sanders needs another Michigan miracle in NY primary on Tuesday, as most polls show Clinton with 13-point lead

–why did he wait so long? Sanders releases full 2014 tax return that shows he earned less in a year than Clinton was paid for a single Goldman Sachs speech

–protests in San Francisco and LA at “obscene” fundraisers for Clinton starring George Clooney

–in NY Times, Maureen Dowd defines both candidates in Dem primary

–Sunday night in Brasilia, the lower house voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff

–8-member Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Obama’s executive actions on immigration

–as GOP obstructionists struggle to justify their unilateral position on Garland nomination, Sen. Grassley bizarrely blames the Court for the politics of confirmation

–Silicon Valley county considers law to regulate police use of Stingray and other surveillance gadgets

–from Holland, listener George Maschke notes that our privacy isn’t completely gone

–15 years after energy scamming created blackouts in California, federal regulator rules that Shell and another company fleeced the Golden State for $1.1 billion