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PBC News & Comment: FBI Director Blames Citizen Videos For Crime

FBI boss James Comey repeats ridiculous claim that citizen video of bad cops is keeping good cops from fighting crime….
–latest incident captured on video: cops beat the crap out of unarmed man after interstate high speed chase
–in overhyped photo op, Trump meets with Speaker Ryan, happytweets
–Trump now says he won’t release tax returns, provoking unusual criticism from other Repubs, as Sanders’s unkept pledge is not stressed
–SF Chronicle’s conservative columnist Debra J Saunders asked Sanders about Hillary’s emails, but he won’t bite….and that’s a mistake
–Politico reports that Sanders allies propose to build long-term movement after primaries
–Michael Ratner, who fought tirelessly for our rights at Center for Constitutional rights, dies at 72
–good move by a lame duck: new rules to reduce methane leaks from oil & gas wells
–bad moves by lame duck: Kissinger is honored at Pentagon, and missile defense charade is being built in Europe
–dramatic all-nighter in Brasilia results in impeachment of President Rousseff, as expected
–Medea Benjamin of CodePink observes 10 ways Israel is just like Saudi Arabia
–9/11 Commission member John Lehman demands release of 28 pages, says there’s “clear evidence” of Saudi support for 9/11 plotters
–at Guantanamo, defense lawyers claim that tribunal judge has allowed destruction of evidence that’s considered favorable to the defense in a sneaky process
–at Truthout, Gareth Porter reports that Syria cease-fire unraveled after US failed to keep pledge regarding Nusra front
–JFK “conspiracy theorist” Mark Lane dies at 89