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PBC News & Comment: State Dept. Diplomats Revolt, Demand Military Action Against Assad

In unusual letter of dissent, 51 State Dept officials slam Obama on Syria policy, demanding military action against dictator Assad….--CIA boss John Brennan briefs Senate Intelligence committee on threats from Islamic State

--calculated leak by Homeland Security chairman says Orlando shooter was on Facebook during shooting, no evidence offered

--Senate plans to vote Monday on gun amendments, but will they rein in the secret, arbitrary watch lists?

--in revealing interview, Kevin Gosztola talks with lawyer who has handled 50+ no fly list cases

--FBI use of facial recognition systems is expanding unchecked, reports The Intercept

--also at The Intercept, a recap of FBI convictions of losers who fell into traps set for Muslims

--from our latest in-depth interview, journalist Mark Hertsgaard talks about Pentagon whistleblower John Crane

--British member of Parliament Jo Cox is killed near Leeds, and mentally ill attacker is not called “terrorist”

--in Israel, trial of soldier who executed wounded Palestinian hears testimony from commander: no justification for killing

--Ben Ehrenriech, author of a new book about Israel, adds some detail to the Hebron incident in op-ed

--in video chat with supporters, Sanders doesn’t concede, doesn’t endorse, focuses on changing Dem party

--at Counterpunch, Andrew Levine details how Sanders was too soft on Clinton

--in Pennsylvania, Catholic archbishop is accused of “mafia-like” tactics in lobbying against bill to fight sex abuse