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PBC News & Comment: State Dept. Diplomats Revolt, Demand Military Action Against Assad

In unusual letter of dissent, 51 State Dept officials slam Obama on Syria policy, demanding military action against dictator Assad….–CIA boss John Brennan briefs Senate Intelligence committee on threats from Islamic State

–calculated leak by Homeland Security chairman says Orlando shooter was on Facebook during shooting, no evidence offered

–Senate plans to vote Monday on gun amendments, but will they rein in the secret, arbitrary watch lists?

–in revealing interview, Kevin Gosztola talks with lawyer who has handled 50+ no fly list cases

–FBI use of facial recognition systems is expanding unchecked, reports The Intercept

–also at The Intercept, a recap of FBI convictions of losers who fell into traps set for Muslims

–from our latest in-depth interview, journalist Mark Hertsgaard talks about Pentagon whistleblower John Crane

–British member of Parliament Jo Cox is killed near Leeds, and mentally ill attacker is not called “terrorist”

–in Israel, trial of soldier who executed wounded Palestinian hears testimony from commander: no justification for killing

–Ben Ehrenriech, author of a new book about Israel, adds some detail to the Hebron incident in op-ed

–in video chat with supporters, Sanders doesn’t concede, doesn’t endorse, focuses on changing Dem party

–at Counterpunch, Andrew Levine details how Sanders was too soft on Clinton

–in Pennsylvania, Catholic archbishop is accused of “mafia-like” tactics in lobbying against bill to fight sex abuse