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PBC News & Comment: California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant Will Shut Down!

California’s rogue utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., announces it will shut down twin reactors at Diablo Canyon by 2025….--PG&E currently in criminal trial over San Bruno gas pipeline explosion

--after strong criticism, Justice Dept relents, releases unredacted transcript of 911 calls by Orlando shooter

--Max Blumenthal reports that FBI used informant to try to entrap Mateen, but he didn’t take the bait; Florida newspaper quotes local sheriff

--Senate voted down all 4 gun control amendments Monday

--in surprise move, Netanyahu says Israel will sign nuclear test ban treaty

--Israel approves funding for additional illegal West Bank settlements

--innocent Palestinian teen killed in crossfire, as soldiers in West Bank shot at rock throwers

--State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren hammers his former colleagues over dissent memo from 51 diplomats, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

--the dissent memo is now public

--Clinton uses new report to slam Trump, it says his economic policies will produce recession and isolation…but what are his actual policies?

--Russia signals crackdown on Scientology, as FSB raids 14 locations at the same time

--Justice Sotomayor’s dissent in illegal search case is notable

--spoiler alert: NY Times article says “28 pages” may not offer conclusive proof of Saudi role in 9/11

--we play the audio from this video, a song called “No More Lines” about the refugee crisis; find out more about Rory O’Connor’s “This is Borderless” project here