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PBC News & Comment: California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant Will Shut Down!

California’s rogue utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., announces it will shut down twin reactors at Diablo Canyon by 2025….–PG&E currently in criminal trial over San Bruno gas pipeline explosion

–after strong criticism, Justice Dept relents, releases unredacted transcript of 911 calls by Orlando shooter

–Max Blumenthal reports that FBI used informant to try to entrap Mateen, but he didn’t take the bait; Florida newspaper quotes local sheriff

–Senate voted down all 4 gun control amendments Monday

–in surprise move, Netanyahu says Israel will sign nuclear test ban treaty

–Israel approves funding for additional illegal West Bank settlements

–innocent Palestinian teen killed in crossfire, as soldiers in West Bank shot at rock throwers

–State Dept. whistleblower Peter van Buren hammers his former colleagues over dissent memo from 51 diplomats, in this excerpt from our in-depth interview

–the dissent memo is now public

–Clinton uses new report to slam Trump, it says his economic policies will produce recession and isolation…but what are his actual policies?

–Russia signals crackdown on Scientology, as FSB raids 14 locations at the same time

–Justice Sotomayor’s dissent in illegal search case is notable

–spoiler alert: NY Times article says “28 pages” may not offer conclusive proof of Saudi role in 9/11

–we play the audio from this video, a song called “No More Lines” about the refugee crisis; find out more about Rory O’Connor’s “This is Borderless” project here