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PBC News & Comment: Newsbud Leads Protest of NBC News at NY Headquarters

Newsbud launches protest of NBC false reporting at 30 Rock, as questions remain about attempted coup July 15 in Turkey…NY Times reports and ridicules claims of US role in coup attempt

–veteran independent reporter Joe Lauria examines leading theories of coup

–amid speculation that GOP leaders want to dump The Donald, Mr. No Regrets keeps shooting himself, and not just in the foot

–Meg Whitman, who tried to buy California governor post, endorses Clinton

–Trump levels wild charges against Clinton regarding Iran and release of prisoners

–CEO of gun maker slams Clinton over gun regulation proposals

–Clinton allies in corporate media are smearing Green Party nominee Jill Stein, reports Kevin Gosztola

–following recent suicide attempt, Chelsea Manning faces charges that could lead to indefinite solitary confinement

–in major step toward closing Guantanamo, parole board clears half of “forever” prisoners for release

–great reporting by Max Blumenthal reveals important background about Omar Mateen, the alleged Orlando shooter

–DC transit cop is arrested for trying to send $245 to Islamic State, and yes, he had an FBI informant to help him

The Guardian keeps its focus on criminals in the Chicago police, reporting on the “skullcap crew” that broke the law, got away with most of it

–in grim report, scientists confirm 2015 was hottest year ever

–in unexplained move, federal prosecutors reduce proposed penalty for P G & E utility by $500 million in gas pipeline explosion case