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PBC News & Comment: Newsbud Leads Protest of NBC News at NY Headquarters

Newsbud launches protest of NBC false reporting at 30 Rock, as questions remain about attempted coup July 15 in Turkey…--NY Times reports and ridicules claims of US role in coup attempt

--veteran independent reporter Joe Lauria examines leading theories of coup

--amid speculation that GOP leaders want to dump The Donald, Mr. No Regrets keeps shooting himself, and not just in the foot

--Meg Whitman, who tried to buy California governor post, endorses Clinton

--Trump levels wild charges against Clinton regarding Iran and release of prisoners

--CEO of gun maker slams Clinton over gun regulation proposals

--Clinton allies in corporate media are smearing Green Party nominee Jill Stein, reports Kevin Gosztola

--following recent suicide attempt, Chelsea Manning faces charges that could lead to indefinite solitary confinement

--in major step toward closing Guantanamo, parole board clears half of “forever” prisoners for release

--great reporting by Max Blumenthal reveals important background about Omar Mateen, the alleged Orlando shooter

--DC transit cop is arrested for trying to send $245 to Islamic State, and yes, he had an FBI informant to help him

--The Guardian keeps its focus on criminals in the Chicago police, reporting on the “skullcap crew” that broke the law, got away with most of it

--in grim report, scientists confirm 2015 was hottest year ever

--in unexplained move, federal prosecutors reduce proposed penalty for P G & E utility by $500 million in gas pipeline explosion case