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PBC News & Comment: Healthcare Giant Holds Obamacare Hostage

After merger plan with Humana was rejected by Justice Dept., Aetna threatens to end most Obamacare coverage, looks like extortion….--Pennsylvania’s attorney general Kane is convicted on 9 counts including perjury, after her main conspirator turned and exposed their plotting

--Roger Shuler has a different take on the Kane case, the “porngate” angle

--new phone tape of Alabama’s embattled governor surfaces, and Bentley slimes LegalSchnauzer for exposing his slimy behavior

--Trump’s latest “Monday teleprompter” speech promises “extreme vetting” of immigrants, loyalty oaths

--Trump’s vision of immigration echoes dark chapters from America’s past

--Trump’s claim that “Obama founded ISIS” resonates with Hezbollah leader

--Clinton names former Sen. Ken Salazar, booster of oil, gas and fracking, to head her transition team

--Roger Ailes, booted from Fox News, will try to advise Trump on debates

--Jeff Cohen leads petition drive to include Stein and Johnson in debates

--at The Intercept, Zaid Jilani does deep dive on the undemocratic presidential debate commission

--facing serious challenge from Tim Canova, Debbie Wasserman Schultz debates him—at 8 am on Sunday morning—and admits she tilted DNC to Hillary

--in both Yemen and Syria, hospitals have been repeatedly bombed

--Russia used bases in Iran yesterday for air attacks on Syria, as Russian navy runs drills off Syrian coast

--Guantanamo clearance! 15 prisoners were released Monday to UAE

--former teen prisoner at Gitmo who sued over torture has lawsuit tossed by federal appeals court

--Californians are paying 49 cents a gallon more for gasoline than the rest of the nation