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PBC News & Comment: Trump and Clinton Warm Up for Debates

In serial interviews, Clinton dodges email questions and promises no boots in Iraq or Syria, Trump says “take the oil”….--Clinton offers new dodges on email scandal, as Trump hammers Clinton and Obama with unchallenged innuendo and lies

--Clinton says Trump’s comments about Putin are unpatriotic and scary

--Trump noted recent incident where Russian fighter jet came within 10 feet of US surveillance plane over Black Sea

--Trevor Timm comments on anti-Russia hysteria

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--former drone warriors join lawsuit brought by Yemeni man whose family members were killed in 2012 drone strike

--FOIA junkie Jason Leopold gets FBI memo in which Comey is “defensive” about questions about Clinton email investigation

--new report shows that ObamaCo has restocked that armories of Saudi Arabia worth $115 billion since 2009, making Saudi #1 arms trade partner

--in North Dakota, Jill Stein faces arrest warrant for spray-painting a bulldozer in support of protesters of Dakota Access pipeline

--Seattle Seahawks consider team-wide national anthem protest at season opener on Sunday

--in latest scandal, Oakland police fire some cops and suspend others for exploiting young girl who says she had sex with 29 officers over 2-year period