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PBC News & Comment: Break Up Wells Fargo—It’s Too Big to Manage

Public Citizen leads charge to break up Wells Fargo, following exposure of phony accounts set up to meet sales quotas…--Bart Naylor of Public Citizen comments

--Trump snuffs his birther claim, then blames it on Clinton

--“Mexican” judge refuses Trump request to delay Trump U trial in California

--PBC got a letter from Donald J. Trump!

--national polls show dead heat, Trump leads in key states Ohio, Florida

--Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren stump for Clinton in Ohio

--Nevada Dem congressional candidate who lost in primary, says primary was rigged for Clinton

--tricky new poll shows that many voters think Clinton Foundation manages the family fortune, makes political donations, and lines up speeches for Bill & Hill

--Obama’s rewards to big donors expose ugly pay-to-play practices, and it wasn’t limited to ambassador jobs

--Obama delays veto of JASTA bill to allow lawsuits against Saudis, as we conspires with GOP senators to kill it

--NRA wins big in Missouri, as new law allows any and every person to carry a concealed weapon

--in Columbus, accomplices of dead boy say he wanted to rob someone, and ran when police ordered the trio to get down

--Vice, AP and USA Today sue FBI to disclose “hacking tool” it bought to open San Bernardino iPhone

--morons on House Intelligence committee all sign letter to Obama urging no pardon for Snowden…are they compromised by the spooks, or just tools?

--at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald is silent on Snowden movie, but site publishes handy index of all Snowden articles

--our official movie critic, Gary Chew reviews Snowden