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PBC News & Comment: New Video of Charlotte Police Killing

New video of police shooting of Keith Scott, shows his wife tried to de-escalate, puts more pressure on cops to release their videos….–Scott’s wife shot video, warned cops that Keith had traumatic brain injury, yells that he has no gun

–Tulsa didn’t play games with video, and cop who shot Terence Crutcher is charged with manslaughter

–Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that black men may be justified in avoiding encounters with cops, including running away

–incoherent Trump calls for racial unity, and in same breath promotes stop and frisk, often based on racial profiling

–NY bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami spent 3 weeks at madrasa in Pakistan in 2011, reports The Guardian

–Syria and Russia launch renewed assault on Aleppo, seems like cease fire is over

NY Times article notes how Obama keeps his distance from Obama’s wars

–as Boeing gets US approval to sell airliners to Iran, Rouhani says US is not fully honoring the nuclear deal

–Afghan government is ready to sign peace agreement with warlord Hekmatyar

–peace activists gather in DC this weekend for NoWar2016, plan Pentagon protest on Monday

–in latest outrage, Army panel punishes Chelsea Manning with solitary confinement for suicide attempt

–in campaign season, members of Congress who ignored massive bank crimes are taking pot shots at Wells Fargo, even returning campaign contributions

–latest email hack exposes security and donor info related to Clinton campaign events

–Obama has often threatened, but rarely used his veto power; his expected veto of JASTA is predicted to be overridden by both houses