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PBC News & Comment: To Bail Out Bankrupt Broadcasters, FCC Eases Foreign Ownership Rules

20 years after Bill Clinton’s disastrous deregulation, FCC relaxes rules for foreign ownership in bailout for debt-ridden, consolidated corporate broadcasters….The Nation echoes PBC comments on CBS 60 Minutes’ “infomercial for Cold War”

–in hacked audio from private fundraiser, Clinton shares some views that haven’t been aired in public, differing with Obama on nuke policy and talking tough about hackers

—Bill Clinton’s former defense secretary, Bill Perry, pens op-ed calling for scrapping of nuke ICBM’s and rollback of modernization plan

–hackers are using “botnet armies” to access networks through wireless devices, security cameras, and other unprotected gizmos

–Clinton campaign team appears to have written off Ohio

–as Trump keeps Miss Universe story alive all week, Clinton campaign calls Trump “unhinged” as Giuliani plays the attack dog

Newsweek exposes Trump’s violation of Cuba embargo in 1998 trip by executives to explore business opportunities

–new tough-talking Philippines president puts US relations up for renegotiation, brags about illegal killings of drug users and dealers

–in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore is suspended for blocking gay marriages

Alabama Political Reporter confirms that journalists Roger Shuler and Don Watkins were targeted for retaliation for exposing GOP affairs and corruption