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PBC News & Comment: To Bail Out Bankrupt Broadcasters, FCC Eases Foreign Ownership Rules

20 years after Bill Clinton’s disastrous deregulation, FCC relaxes rules for foreign ownership in bailout for debt-ridden, consolidated corporate broadcasters….--The Nation echoes PBC comments on CBS 60 Minutes’ “infomercial for Cold War”

--in hacked audio from private fundraiser, Clinton shares some views that haven’t been aired in public, differing with Obama on nuke policy and talking tough about hackers

---Bill Clinton’s former defense secretary, Bill Perry, pens op-ed calling for scrapping of nuke ICBM’s and rollback of modernization plan

--hackers are using “botnet armies” to access networks through wireless devices, security cameras, and other unprotected gizmos

--Clinton campaign team appears to have written off Ohio

--as Trump keeps Miss Universe story alive all week, Clinton campaign calls Trump “unhinged” as Giuliani plays the attack dog

--Newsweek exposes Trump’s violation of Cuba embargo in 1998 trip by executives to explore business opportunities

--new tough-talking Philippines president puts US relations up for renegotiation, brags about illegal killings of drug users and dealers

--in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore is suspended for blocking gay marriages

--Alabama Political Reporter confirms that journalists Roger Shuler and Don Watkins were targeted for retaliation for exposing GOP affairs and corruption