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PBC News & Comment: Part 1, Top Stories

Weaponizing Twitter, Trump shames House GOP into dropping sneaky scheme to gut ethics enforcement, GM, Ford quiver and kneel down…..Program Note: Based on user feedback, we are experimenting with 2 daily podcasts of about 15 minutes each.  The first will cover top stories of the day, the second will focus on one or more major stories.  Please share your comments, email

–on Monday, House Republicans ignored their Speaker, gutted ethics office, and then backed down after Trump tweeted disapproval

–Trump threatens GM over Chevys made in Mexico

–Ford, bruised by Trump tweets, spins up cancellation of Mexican factory and shift of jobs to Michigan

–James Risen, the NY Times reporter hounded by Obama leak police, says Obama has set a bad precedent in whistleblower crackdowns

–before Christmas, Obama signed 2017 NDAA which includes $160 million for “ministry of truth

–new proof that Nixon committed treason with secret “monkey wrench” in Vietnam peace talks in 1968

–with Bernie Sanders in tow, NY Gov. Cuomo announces free tuition at New York state colleges for middle class students

–in North Carolina, judge delays GOP effort to neuter new Dem governor, Roy Cooper

–Massachusetts governor defies voters, signs bill delaying retail sale of marijuana for a year

–Megan Kelly will jump from Fox to the NBC henhouse

–only about 24 hours between the holiday deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds

–WAR IS OVER, declared full page ad in NY Times signed Happy New Year from John and Yoko