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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Justice Delivered, and Denied

In surprise verdict, despite Netanyahu’s interference, Israeli court convicts Sgt. Elor Azaria for brazen execution of unarmed, wounded Palestinian suspect….–Florida’s “stand your ground law”, written by ALEC, has led to 32% jump in gun deaths, with major racial bias in favor of white shooters

–Oakland’s rogue police department gets first female chief, Anne Kirkpatrick of Chicago Police Department, who has “led reform efforts”

–but at The Intercept, Jamie Kalvin reports that reform efforts have been weak, and face uncertainty under Trump “Justice” Dept.

–in Alabama, civil rights activists are arrested for sit-in protest at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ office in Mobile, objecting to his nomination for Attorney General

–documentary about Don Sigelman nears completion, here’s a look at the trailer

–in major legal victory, federal judge orders Pennsylvania prisons to provide Hepatitis C medication to Mumia Abu Jamal