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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

In first news conference since July, Trump previews years of incoherent, self-serving commentary filled with lies and exaggerations, slams media….--dodging questions, slinging insults and confessing germaphobia, Trump’s first news conference of the year is pretty bizarre

--unverified political intel report—paid for by Republicans, then Democrats—tends to confirm CIA “assessment” of Russian interference, plus golden shower scene!

--corporate media has varying “explainers” of the dossier, how it surfaced, and lack of proof….NY Times, Vice, And Guardian

--Glenn Greenwald notes Trump’s battle with the Deep State, and blasts Dems for suing the CIA to derail Trump

--last Friday’s release of the redacted intel “assessment” was evidence-free, and included inaccurate info about Russia Today and its actual influence

--Trump uses Nixon tactic to pretend that he is stepping aside from his businesses, and his claim of exemption from emoluments clause is specious

--China raises tensions with Taiwan, deploying its only aircraft carrier to Taiwan Strait

Part 2:

While Dems and some Republicans ask challenging questions of Trump’s Wrecking Crew in confirmation hearings, any actual rejections are unlikely….

--hearings for 4 nominees delayed due to incomplete disclosure filings

--CIA pick Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) will be dancing around his differences with Trump on Russia

--Jeff Sessions gets rare opposing testimony from fellow senator, Corey Booker

--SecState nominee, oilman Rex Tillerson, gets pointed questions from GOP’s Marco Rubio, offering best prospect for rejection

--many Dems slip into rapture watching Obama’s farewell address in Chicago, and our pal Dr. Justin Frank has some frank observations