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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

Inspector General will investigate FBI Director Comey’s October letter to Congress that may have altered voters’ choices, cost Clinton election….--Trump’s plan to avoid conflicts of interest draws many negative reviews

--Trump manipulates media with attacks, half-truths and big lies…will corporate media learn how to deal with Trump, or just react to him?

--Trump names Rudy Giuliani to head cybersecurity review as Clapper tries to calm Trump about the dossier and gets trashed by the Donald

--ObamaCo gives NSA more authority to share intercepted communications with other US agencies

--in wee hours vote, Senate takes first step to defund Obamacare

--Trump offered incoherent slam of Big Pharma, arguing that reducing imports would lower drug prices

--Trump names Bobby Kennedy, Jr. to head commission on vaccines, and RFK accepts

--in confirmation hearings, CIA and Pentagon picks hold positions different from Trump

--convicted Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof is sentenced to death, he will become a martyr for white hate