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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Obama’s Final Days…Will Chelsea Manning Get Clemecy?

–As clock ticks on final days, speculation builds that Obama may grant clemency to Chelsea Manning, 10 more released from Gitmo….–White House press secretary hints that Manning deserves relief more than Snowden

–10 more prisoners released from Guantanamo, 40 are expected to remain

–many House Dems will boycott inauguration, Trump’s attacks on John Lewis may swell those numbers

–more than 200,000 protesters expected in DC for Friday and Saturday

–former contestant on “Apprentice” sues Trump for defamation, for claiming he didn’t grope her

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang and Steve Horn report that Secretary of State pick Rex Tillerson sought help for Exxon-Mobil from State Department

–Trump’s nominee to kill Obamacare, Rep. Tom Price, is part of GOP group that has big investments in obscure Australian biotech startup

–while corporate media has lost interest in the contradictions of the Orlando shooting investigation, accused shooter Omar Mateen’s widow is arrested