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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Despite Some Turbulence, Trump Nominees Breeze to Confirmation

As new report shows 2016 hottest year ever, Trump nominees for EPA, Interior admit global warming is not a hoax….–Interior nominee Ryan Zinke: “I don’t believe it’s a hoax”

–EPA nominee Scott Pruitt says it, too, but his actions and support network contradict him

–see DeSmogBlog’s interactive graphic of Pruitt’s connections here

–billionaire Betsy DeVos dodges tough questions in hearing that is sharply curtailed by GOP chair

–at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill demonstrates that DeVos lied about her family foundation, which funded anti-gay fundamentalists

–Scahill also exposes DeVos’ brother Erik Prince, Blackwater founder who is advising Trump in the background

–Trump’s national security team is off to slow start

–Tom Price, Trump’s demolish-Obamacare guy says he won’t be “pulling the rug out” but doesn’t explain how or why