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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Despite Some Turbulence, Trump Nominees Breeze to Confirmation

As new report shows 2016 hottest year ever, Trump nominees for EPA, Interior admit global warming is not a hoax….--Interior nominee Ryan Zinke: “I don’t believe it’s a hoax”

--EPA nominee Scott Pruitt says it, too, but his actions and support network contradict him

--see DeSmogBlog’s interactive graphic of Pruitt’s connections here

--billionaire Betsy DeVos dodges tough questions in hearing that is sharply curtailed by GOP chair

--at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill demonstrates that DeVos lied about her family foundation, which funded anti-gay fundamentalists

--Scahill also exposes DeVos’ brother Erik Prince, Blackwater founder who is advising Trump in the background

--Trump’s national security team is off to slow start

--Tom Price, Trump’s demolish-Obamacare guy says he won’t be “pulling the rug out” but doesn’t explain how or why