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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast—Super Rich Capitalist Cronies Take Power

Trump and his mega-rich buddies take control in Washington with phony claims of “power to the people” and authoritarian memes….–first, PBC asks “Hillary or Bust” supporters to meditate on how they foisted a weak candidate on Democrats, and lost their risky bet that Trump could not win

–Trump’s speech and demeanor portray dark vision of America with Donald as the Messiah

–as he was sworn in, Trump put himself in direct conflict with the Constitution’s Emolument Clause, and the terms of the lease for his new hotel in DC

–based on anonymous official leakers, NY Times reports that Trump campaign advisers are being investigated

NY Times conservative columnist David Brooks defines Trump’s deep flaws, and hopes that our political system can “contain” Trump

–from London, The Guardian offers stark description of Trump’s speech

–from Jerusalem, even far right Israelis are dubious about moving US embassy there from Tel Aviv

–Sen. Ron Wyden delays—but doesn’t block—confirmation of new CIA boss

–as usual corporate America drops big bucks on inauguration events

–hundreds of marches and other protests are sparked by Trump’s installation

 Part 2, Obama’s Final Acts and Unfinished Business

Final transfers leave 41 prisoners at Guantanamo, as we get confirmation that Leonard Peltier and Don Siegelman were denied clemency….

–and Julian Assange modifies his offer to be extradited

–Brazilian judge at center of corruption investigations is killed in plane crash

–serial extortionists known as NFL’s Oakland Raiders announce plan to move to Las Vegas, leaving Oakland with $95 million tab