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PBC News & Comment: Trump Blitz Restores Cheney’s “Dark Side”

In flurry of radical orders, Trump seeks to restore torture, black sites, kangaroo courts, and will investigate nonexistent voter fraud….–pandering to his base, Trump orders review to restore Bush-era interrogation and detention policies, underscoring Obama’s refusal to prosecute prior crimes

–embracing unproven “conspiracy theory”, Trump orders Jeff Sessions to investigate claims of massive voter fraud by noncitizens

–Steve Bannon, Trump advisor and alt-right legend, is one of the potential violators, he’s registered to vote in NY and FL

–Trump vows to build border wall, defying logic and his own DHS chief, and thinks he can cram the cost on Mexico

–at Buzzfeed, reporter Adolfo Flores offers reality check on border issues

–key agencies related to health and environment are gagged, and ordered to sit down and shut up….is this temporary?

–Trump floats 3 finalists for Supreme Court nomination, all young, all extreme, and if he chooses Bill Pryor, watch for gay porn pics

–after watching Bill O’Reilly, Trump tweets threats to Chicago over violence

–in op-ed, Bill McKibben slams Trump’s pipe(line) dreams, says Donnie is trapped in 1950’s thinking

–Gov. Jerry Brown vows to fight Trump, and alternative facts

–in interview with Jeremy Scahill, Seymour Hersh blasts media for promoting unproven Russian hacking claims from intelligence agencies

–bills to criminalize protests are advancing in many states