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PBC News & Comment: Sorry Bannon, I Won’t Keep My Mouth Shut

The driving force in Trump’s war with the media that elevated him, Steve Bannon, amplifies attacks, media is “opposition party”….–GOP god-figure Ronald Reagan once told a reporter to “Shut up”

–Trump continues to spew lies about massive voter fraud, as his main source surfaces and is discredited, Buzzfeed has the details

–in recent days, Trump is caught lying about crime rates in Philly, DC and Chicago

WashPost notes that the term “gaslighting” is frequently used about Trump

–Trump spent an hour on the phone with Mexico’s president—did they “mend fences”?

–AP report notes that trends have shifted, and a wall won’t block many migrants, but facts don’t matter

–in joint news conference with UK PM Theresa May, Trump maintains torture works, but says he will let Gen. Mattis decide

–former Gitmo prisoner Moazzam Begg writes that torture doesn’t work

–Obama refused to send Somali terror suspect to Gitmo, and Warsame coughed up lots of intel after his conviction, without torture, reports NY Times

–even Rachel Maddow has noticed that Dem senators talk tough about Trump’s Wrecking Crew, and then vote to confirm them

–Jeff Sessions’ committee vote is delayed to next week, as courageous journalist Roger Shuler reports that Sessions is closeted gay homophobe

–State Dept veteran Peter van Buren says yesterday’s WashPost story about State Dept resignations was “grossly alarming” and not accurate

–ICYMI: our big story this week, from a surveillance state insider, is that gizmos like Stingray can turn on your cellphone, and track it