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PBC News & Comment: Sorry Bannon, I Won’t Keep My Mouth Shut

The driving force in Trump’s war with the media that elevated him, Steve Bannon, amplifies attacks, media is “opposition party”….--GOP god-figure Ronald Reagan once told a reporter to “Shut up”

--Trump continues to spew lies about massive voter fraud, as his main source surfaces and is discredited, Buzzfeed has the details

--in recent days, Trump is caught lying about crime rates in Philly, DC and Chicago

--WashPost notes that the term “gaslighting” is frequently used about Trump

--Trump spent an hour on the phone with Mexico’s president—did they “mend fences”?

--AP report notes that trends have shifted, and a wall won’t block many migrants, but facts don’t matter

--in joint news conference with UK PM Theresa May, Trump maintains torture works, but says he will let Gen. Mattis decide

--former Gitmo prisoner Moazzam Begg writes that torture doesn’t work

--Obama refused to send Somali terror suspect to Gitmo, and Warsame coughed up lots of intel after his conviction, without torture, reports NY Times

--even Rachel Maddow has noticed that Dem senators talk tough about Trump’s Wrecking Crew, and then vote to confirm them

--Jeff Sessions’ committee vote is delayed to next week, as courageous journalist Roger Shuler reports that Sessions is closeted gay homophobe

--State Dept veteran Peter van Buren says yesterday’s WashPost story about State Dept resignations was “grossly alarming” and not accurate

--ICYMI: our big story this week, from a surveillance state insider, is that gizmos like Stingray can turn on your cellphone, and track it