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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Court Nominee is Spawn of Reagan’s Anti-EPA Director of EPA

Judge Gorsuch, son of Reagan Wrecking Crew member is pro-corporate, anti-women’s rights “originalist” who’s even further right than Scalia….–Neil Gorsuch’s mom, Anne Gorsuch Burford, protégé of James Watt, ran EPA and set new lows for blocking enforcement on polluters
–Trump urges Senate to use “nuclear option” rules change to confirm with less than 60 votes
–Dems need 41 votes to filibuster the nomination under current rules, and some D’s have already decided to vote to confirm
–Judiciary Committee narrowly approves Sessions for Attorney General, signaling likely confirmation in floor vote
–causing virtual whiplash, Obama appointee Neal Katyal supports Gorsuch and opposes Trump’s travel ban
State Dept memo clarifies travel ban terms, and quietly changes rules for green card holders and dual citizens
CNN editor, green card holder, sues after being detained under Trump decree
–in California, cities and counties sue over Trump threats to sanctuary city policies, and state legislature considers statewide sanctuary law
–in Texas, GOP Gov. Greg Abbot cuts funds to Travis County (Austin area) over new sheriff’s sanctuary policies
–Army Corps of Engineers moves to grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline, but environmental review may take years
–Republicans plan to undo Obama rules limiting methane release, drilling in national parks, and “mountaintop removal” coal mining
–new fighting in eastern Ukraine suggests Russia thinks Trump won’t resist
–as Israel removes Amona settlement, Netanyahu rushes approval or more illegal units
–in risky, arrogant move, Netanyahu supports Trump plan to move US embassy to Jerusalem, and also supports his Mexico border wall
–Fox “News” finally deletes false tweet about Quebec shooter, after rebuke from Canadian PM’s office
–Gregg Phillips, source of Trump’s claim of millions of illegal voters, is registered in 3 states himself
–AP report shows incompetence by contractor who handles social media cyber patrol for Air Force
–NY AG sues Time Warner Cable for internet speeds that are 70-80% slower than ads claim
–after 4-year struggle, San Francisco’s conservative archbishop is ordered to pay $3 million for health insurance for its employees
–in Florida, a Catholic priest who was murdered left instructions that his killer shouldn’t be executed; but DA is seeking death penalty