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PBC News & Comment: Army Trumps Obama’s Delay on Dakota Pipeline

With stunning speed, Army Corps of Engineers reverses on Trump’s order, grants easement and allows construction to begin today….--in contentious debate over Jeff Sessions nomination, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is gagged after reading critical quotes from Coretta Scott King
--oral arguments on court-ordered halt to Trump’s travel ban draw large audience
--Kevin Gosztola has a critical look at the hearing
--Trump slams the courts for “disgraceful” interference in his power grab
--new Homeland Security boss tries to take the blame for the bungled travel ban and its rollout, and Trump steps on his lines
--Trump finds time to attack Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka’s fashions
--in our latest in-depth interview, science reporter Peter Byrne describes his recent trip to Mosul, Iraq to look at the science of terrorism; here is a report Byrne filed on Mosul
--draft executive order will send IS prisoners to Guantanamo, over strong objections of policymakers
--after botched raid, Yemen withdraws permission for US ground operations
--A.C. Thompson exposes the real threat of a Bowling Green massacre, from a home-grown white supremacist