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PBC News & Comment: As Sessions is Confirmed Attorney General, Siegelman is Released from Prison

Bizarre timing, as former AL governor Siegelman is released from prison on same day that Sessions is confirmed Attorney General….--“How sick is this?” asks Roger Shuler, lead chronicler of the Siegelman case who’s been brutally punished by Alabama’s corrupt GOP machine
--Luther Strange, Alabama AG whose affair was exposed by Shuler, is appointed to Sessions’ senate seat by Gov. Bob Bentley, whose affair was exposed by Shuler
--GOP vote in Senate to silence Sen. Warren over Sessions criticism only helps Warren, and leads California’s freshwoman senator, Kamala Harris, to speak up
--TrumpCo is gearing up for deportations, perhaps starting with asylum seekers
--Trump’s tweeted attacks on courts over travel ban lead SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch to criticize his patron, calling comments “demoralizing, disheartening”
--Trump blasts Sen. Blumenthal for accurately reporting Gorsuch’s laments, and recklessly tweets false charges against CNN anchor Cuomo
--despite Trump’s constant and compulsive use of Twitter, stock tanks as losses grow
--new president, new surge in Afghanistan? Commander asks for more troops
--construction resumes on Dakota pipeline, and so do legal challenges
--at DeSmogBlog, Steve Horn reports on oil industry lobbyist Mike Catanzaro, named Trump’s top energy advisor
--alt-right and all right-wing media, led by Limbaugh, promote fake news about alleged climate science whistleblower, GOP House leaders pile on
--in North Carolina, court puts hold on GOP power grab
--Kellyanne Conway joins her boss in blatant promotion of Ivanka’s business, clearly violating ethics laws
--an Arizona man who was not present at shoot-up of “Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest” in Texas gets 30-year sentence on dubious terrorism charges
--activists launch “postcards to Bannon” campaign, tweaking the “real” president
--in thought-provoking op-ed, James S. Gordon says Trump is the fool who blurts out certain truths, some reflecting back on us