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PBC News & Comment: As Sessions is Confirmed Attorney General, Siegelman is Released from Prison

Bizarre timing, as former AL governor Siegelman is released from prison on same day that Sessions is confirmed Attorney General….–“How sick is this?” asks Roger Shuler, lead chronicler of the Siegelman case who’s been brutally punished by Alabama’s corrupt GOP machine
–Luther Strange, Alabama AG whose affair was exposed by Shuler, is appointed to Sessions’ senate seat by Gov. Bob Bentley, whose affair was exposed by Shuler
–GOP vote in Senate to silence Sen. Warren over Sessions criticism only helps Warren, and leads California’s freshwoman senator, Kamala Harris, to speak up
–TrumpCo is gearing up for deportations, perhaps starting with asylum seekers
–Trump’s tweeted attacks on courts over travel ban lead SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch to criticize his patron, calling comments “demoralizing, disheartening”
–Trump blasts Sen. Blumenthal for accurately reporting Gorsuch’s laments, and recklessly tweets false charges against CNN anchor Cuomo
–despite Trump’s constant and compulsive use of Twitter, stock tanks as losses grow
–new president, new surge in Afghanistan? Commander asks for more troops
–construction resumes on Dakota pipeline, and so do legal challenges
–at DeSmogBlog, Steve Horn reports on oil industry lobbyist Mike Catanzaro, named Trump’s top energy advisor
–alt-right and all right-wing media, led by Limbaugh, promote fake news about alleged climate science whistleblower, GOP House leaders pile on
–in North Carolina, court puts hold on GOP power grab
–Kellyanne Conway joins her boss in blatant promotion of Ivanka’s business, clearly violating ethics laws
–an Arizona man who was not present at shoot-up of “Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest” in Texas gets 30-year sentence on dubious terrorism charges
–activists launch “postcards to Bannon” campaign, tweaking the “real” president
–in thought-provoking op-ed, James S. Gordon says Trump is the fool who blurts out certain truths, some reflecting back on us