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PBC News & Comment: American Women Strike, Protest on International Women’s Day

In latest act of resistance to Trump and his dark agenda of devolution, women nationwide skip work, protest extreme policies….--NSA lawyers investigate and smear journalist Jason Leopold in response to FOIA lawsuit over inspector general reports

--Senators Whitehouse and Graham demand copies of any FISA filings related to wiretaps of Trump, campaign

--tech companies scramble to patch code that CIA has exploited, revealed in WikiLeaks release

--Vault 7 data includes tools to mask IP addresses

--Joint Chiefs of Staff accuse Russia of treaty violations in missile deployment

--stiff opposition to GOP healthcare cuts from conservative and less conservative republicans

--doctor groups and hospitals oppose changes to healthcare system

--Hawaii beats Washington state, first to file lawsuit against revised travel ban

--revised executive order cites honor-killings for further study, a coded anti-Muslim effort

--proposed budget cuts for Coast Guard and FEMA show the security concerns claimed by Trump are proxy for racist immigration crackdown

--recruits for Trump Wrecking Crew at EPA are all dedicated to decimating EPA

--in latest setback, judge declines to halt Dakota Access Pipeline

--at Guantanamo, military judge orders CIA torture team to testify about destruction of torture videotapes

--we got a brief message from former CIA agent Sabrina DeSousa, who was just pardoned by Italy over conviction for Milan kidnap caper

--new report shows increase in exonerations, and racial bias in wrongful convictions

--in latest military sex scandal, website run by Marines had gallery of photos of nude female Marines, with lots of raunchy comments

--in election that deals landslide re-election to Mayor Garcetti, L.A. voters tax themselves to fund homeless programs for 10 years