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PBC News & Comment: New Study Reveals Shocking Levels of Methane Leaks

Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reports on new study that shows massive underestimation of methane leaks from refineries, gas power plants…–read Horn’s report here

–Trump goes to Capitol Hill to bully House Republicans into voting for Obamacare repeal

–Republican plan takes insurance from an additional million people, as compared to simple repeal of ACA

–to win votes from hardline conservatives, the bill has been amended in 7 major ways, only one can be seen as an improvement; details here

–yesterday’s testimony by Comey and Rogers was made more bizarre by Trump’s “live-lying” on Twitter (credit to Trevor Noah)

–at Shadowproof, Dan Wright boils down the hearing to its essence

NY Times think piece argues that Trump is losing GOP support, partly due to his compulsive and dishonest tweeting

Washington Post gives Trump 4 Pinnochios for Monday’s tweets

–famous author Thomas Frank talks about Democratic dysfunction, and how the party is still captive to the Clinton faction

–senators in confirmation ritual alternately grill and praise Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

–in surprise, arbitrary move, Homeland Security bans laptops in the cabin on flights from 10 Mideast airports, WashPost article asks if this is really a security measure

SF Chronicle warns of border searches of phones and computers, offers some good travel tips

–in L.A. last night, cops handcuffed Wyclef Jean as suspect in armed robbery, then released him due to mistaken identity

NY Times exposes heavy-handed, unjustified tactics of SWAT teams

Buzzfeed reveals how New Orleans DA seeks to punish man who finally told the truth, instead of cops and DA who made him lie

–Fox “News” drops Andrew Napolitano after flap over Trump’s wiretap claim