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PBC News & Comment: New Study Reveals Shocking Levels of Methane Leaks

Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reports on new study that shows massive underestimation of methane leaks from refineries, gas power plants…--read Horn’s report here

--Trump goes to Capitol Hill to bully House Republicans into voting for Obamacare repeal

--Republican plan takes insurance from an additional million people, as compared to simple repeal of ACA

--to win votes from hardline conservatives, the bill has been amended in 7 major ways, only one can be seen as an improvement; details here

--yesterday’s testimony by Comey and Rogers was made more bizarre by Trump’s “live-lying” on Twitter (credit to Trevor Noah)

--at Shadowproof, Dan Wright boils down the hearing to its essence

--NY Times think piece argues that Trump is losing GOP support, partly due to his compulsive and dishonest tweeting

--Washington Post gives Trump 4 Pinnochios for Monday’s tweets

--famous author Thomas Frank talks about Democratic dysfunction, and how the party is still captive to the Clinton faction

--senators in confirmation ritual alternately grill and praise Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

--in surprise, arbitrary move, Homeland Security bans laptops in the cabin on flights from 10 Mideast airports, WashPost article asks if this is really a security measure

--SF Chronicle warns of border searches of phones and computers, offers some good travel tips

--in L.A. last night, cops handcuffed Wyclef Jean as suspect in armed robbery, then released him due to mistaken identity

--NY Times exposes heavy-handed, unjustified tactics of SWAT teams

--Buzzfeed reveals how New Orleans DA seeks to punish man who finally told the truth, instead of cops and DA who made him lie

--Fox “News” drops Andrew Napolitano after flap over Trump’s wiretap claim