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PBC News & Comment: Truth Emergency Worsens in American Government and Media

Wall Street Journal editorial says “Trump lies like a drunk to an empty gin bottle”, as media outlets treat speculation as fact….–Rachel Maddow continues her nightly reporting on Russia and Trump, with circumstantial ties but no real evidence

–PBS Newshour allows former counterterrorism official to speculate on intelligence that prompted laptop ban, even as he admits he doesn’t know

–leak to UK’s Daily Mail suggests laptop ban is based on info from botched US raid in Yemen in January, no evidence here, either

NY Times column asks why people believe false claims, and asserts that the question of Obama wiretapping Trump “has been answered clearly and strongly in the negative”

–with no evidence offered, House Intel chair Nunes claims that spooks may have “incidentally” intercepted phone calls to Russia from Trump team

ABC News reports that Trump Tower was wiretapped in 2013, focused on tenant who ran Russian organized crime network from unit 63A

–AP reports on more of Paul Manafort’s $10 million deal with Russian oligarch

–David Cay Johnston explains why we need the rest of Trump’s tax returns

–our new Secretary of State, Rexxon Tillerson, pisses off NATO by skipping major meeting for a trip to Russia

–in opinion column, Jonathan Freedland says Tillerson is out of the loop, out of his depth

–in latest US airstrike in Syria, at least 30 civilians taking refuge at a school are killed

–in London, Parliament is the scene of attack, one year after Brussels

–vote counts show GOP will lose if Obamacare repeal vote happens tomorrow

–Judge Gorsuch continues to dodge some tough questions from Democrats

–Trump’s second labor nominee, Alex Acosta, faces grilling over his role in sweetheart deal for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a pal of Trump’s

–Secret Service needs $60 million extra for Trump security, $27 million just for Trump Tower

–female leaders of Uber, led by chameleon Arianna Huffington, lead damage control for embattled CEO Kalanick

–Sears and Kmart are going down