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PBC News & Comment: Gambler Trump Faces Big Loss on Obamacare Vote

With big stack of chips on the table, Trump insists on House vote; former casino owner should know “house wins”….--Paul Ryan warns of impending loss, but Trump is an arrogant “rookie”

--the revised bill ends employer mandate, throwing all workers under the bus

--Trump is already blaming Ryan, says he should have cut taxes first

--conservapundit David Brooks hates Trumpcare more than Obamacare

--your humble host declared a Truth Emergency, from Trump to Maddow

--Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog had 2 bigs stories this week, about methane leaks and biochar, for carbon sequestration

--State Dept. issues permits for Keystone XL pipeline, but protests and sluggish demand may stall it anyway

--6 years after the “Arab Spring”, Egypt’s former dictator Mubarek is released

--Hong Kong will choose another pro-Beijing leader on Sunday

--Rexxon Tillerson orders “extreme vetting” which will reduce tourism, business travel

--in state legislatures, Republicans continue to press for photo ID laws, even as they acknowledge there’s no serious voter fraud

--Trump gets a break, as General Services Administration OK’s his lease on DC hotel

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola highlights the dark side of Judge Gorsuch

--new in-depth interview with Svend Brinkmann, Danish psychologist who counsels against too much self help

--commentary points to national security threat posed by Ivanka Trump’s unpaid job in West Wing