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PBC News & Comment: In Sneaky Move, GOP Congress Hammers Planned Parenthood

Based on smears, lies and deceptive videos, GOP lawmakers pander to extremists, using obscure law to enable states to defund….--Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen group sounds the alarm, other regulations under threat are listed here

--despite new talk of Obamacare repeal, GOP leaders concede that subsidies will remain for this year, maybe 2018 too

--fired National Security adviser Mike Flynn is seeking immunity to testify about Russia-Trump, Trump tweets approval

--NY Times reveals the White House staffers who showed Devin Nunes intel reports that he has leaked about

--The Guardian explains the tight bond between Nunes and Flynn

--“Justice Dept” finally appeals hold on travel ban 2.0, after 2 weeks

--North Carolina’s compromise on Transgender bathroom law is still offensive, as editorial explains

--Senate Dems are not united on Gorsuch filibuster, as Leahy balks and Manchin and Heitkamp plan to vote Yes

--in slippery move, Israel says it will limit “footprint” of illegal West Bank Settlements

--here’s this week’s recap of Israeli actions against Palestinians, read it here

--Rexxon Tillerson faces Turkey’s anger over Kurds and Gulen

--in South Korea, impeached president is jailed before criminal trial

--Venezuela’s Maduro uses court ruling to neuter National Assembly, leading to dictatorship

--in Brazil, corrupt leader of lower house gets 15 year sentence for corruption