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PBC News & Comment: In Sneaky Move, GOP Congress Hammers Planned Parenthood

Based on smears, lies and deceptive videos, GOP lawmakers pander to extremists, using obscure law to enable states to defund….–Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen group sounds the alarm, other regulations under threat are listed here

–despite new talk of Obamacare repeal, GOP leaders concede that subsidies will remain for this year, maybe 2018 too

–fired National Security adviser Mike Flynn is seeking immunity to testify about Russia-Trump, Trump tweets approval

NY Times reveals the White House staffers who showed Devin Nunes intel reports that he has leaked about

–The Guardian explains the tight bond between Nunes and Flynn

–“Justice Dept” finally appeals hold on travel ban 2.0, after 2 weeks

–North Carolina’s compromise on Transgender bathroom law is still offensive, as editorial explains

–Senate Dems are not united on Gorsuch filibuster, as Leahy balks and Manchin and Heitkamp plan to vote Yes

–in slippery move, Israel says it will limit “footprint” of illegal West Bank Settlements

–here’s this week’s recap of Israeli actions against Palestinians, read it here

–Rexxon Tillerson faces Turkey’s anger over Kurds and Gulen

–in South Korea, impeached president is jailed before criminal trial

–Venezuela’s Maduro uses court ruling to neuter National Assembly, leading to dictatorship

–in Brazil, corrupt leader of lower house gets 15 year sentence for corruption